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15 Game-Related Things From My Room

15 Game-Related Things From My Room:

Hello Readers! This is my first article on my blog. I hope you'll enjoy it! In this blog post, I show you 15 completely random game related things from my room.

#1: Grand Theft Auto Vice City for Playstation II

This was the first game I got for my playstation 2. I've played it to much and as a result the game is now broken. It took me one whole year to complete it! I liked the missions and the freedom you got in the game very much.

#2: My Playstation Portable!

I bought my PSP when I was on vacation a few weeks ago. I woke up that day and thought: 'Let's buy a PSP!' And then a few hours later I was in the store and bought it directly. The problem is that I have borrowed money from my parents ( I thought I had enough money at home, but we were on vacation and couldn't get that money of course), bad idea, it seemed that I needed 100 bucks more, I still owe them 70 bucks or so, and that sucks because I want to buy an Xbox 360 but don't have any money now. But, my debt is slowly decreasing right now and I'll be all done with paying them as soon as I get my cash from work.

#3: My Broken Television!

This television used to be from my parents, untill the screen started to get messy. That's when they gave it to me, my other one was even completely broken so I still was happy. I was also a bit jealous, they got a 40" Full HD television, and I got a 1,5 meter thick box as a TV on my room. But hey, at least I can play video games on my own room now, but now that it is vacation, I play on the Full HD television of my parents, and my mom doesn't like it at all. I keep using excuses like: 'Mom, my TV isn't working again so I will play my games downstairs okay?' And then she just says: 'Well okay then' ( I also say it when it DOES work xD)

#4: Hype the Time Quest for PC

I used to love this game when I was like 8. Although it's kind of childish, it still has an awesome story. It's about a guy named Hype. He gets freezed by a dark knight and gets sent 4 ages back in time. The game has 4 main levels: 1st age, 2nd age, 3th age and 4th age. You have to get one or two crystals in each level that can send you an age further in time. You'll face one or two bosses in each level to. You'll also face many of the King's men ( The King is against you ). You'll meet a dragon and you can fly to Heaven on her. And eventually you'll have a big boss fight in the Dark Knight's tower in Heaven. That's enough about this game, I don't want this part of the article turn into a game review.

#5: Illidan (World of Warcraft : The Burning Crusade) Poster

I got this Poster before I even knew what World of Warcraft was. It was in the Power Unlimited, a Dutch magazine about Gaming. A couple of years later when I got World of Warcraft and saw Illidan for the first time, I remembered this poster and searched through my drawers and found it after a couple of days. I wasn't 100% sure it was him though, but I thought, hey, why not? And so I decided to hang this poster on my empty wall. I don't play World of Warcraft anymore now, it is to big for my computer ( I know my computer sucks ) and besides that, it is kind of expensive for me.

#6: Guitar Hero World Tour Guitar

This is my guitar from the game: Guitar Hero World Tour on the Wii. Although I didn't customize it with the stickers that came with it, I had and still have great fun with it! Guitar Hero is a sweet game in my opinion, it features many great songs from great bands like: Bullet for my Valentine, System of a Down, Blink 182, 30 Seconds to Mars, Bon Jovi and many, many more! I've spent a whole lot of hours playing this game. The online part of the game is very sweet if you don't have a band, there you can join with other players like a singer, bass, drums or even another guitar. I'm playing most songs on the hard level, and a few on expert. Sometimes I get a little bit dizzy after playing because you have to focus very much on the game and when the songs completed it looks like my walls are moving. Has anyone else experienced this? Let me know in a comment.
#7: Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince for PSP

Even though the movie was good, the game sucked on the PSP. It had crappy gameplay in my opinion, the story was very short too, I finished it in a few hours. They should have followed the book instead of the movie. I regret buying this because I could have gotten much longer and much better games for the same price or maybe even less money
#8: Wiimote

Complete with Wii Condom, this has given me many hours of safe se... I mean gameplay.

My Wiimote has caused my brother to cry a couple of times, because of me accidently hitting him with it while we were playing Wii Sports. But thanks to the Wii Condom around it, there were no serious injuries, he was just acting like he got hurt. I think it's a great controller! The motion did sometimes not work that well, but thanks to the new Wii Motion Plus it is great now ( I still have to buy it, yes).

#9: My Broken Television 2!

Yeah, so I got another broken television on my room. This one is like 10 years old? I really need to take this to a junkyard once. I used this TV when I first got my Playstation 2, I played the Tekken 3 or 4 demo on this like 24/7 because my brother and I didn't have any money back then to buy games.

#10: The World of Warcraft Battle Chest

This used to be Heaven itself for me when I just started with World of Warcraft. My parents took it away from me after one day though, I bought this along with many other stuff and put it inside my drawer which had a lock on it. My mom found the key and searched the drawer and saw the Battle Chest lying in there along with some other stuff and they then took my Battle Chest away from me for 2 weeks and I was not allowed to get on the computer for 2 weeks to, they were very angry about the fact that I kept buying stuff without letting them know. I searched their room and found it in a day though, lol. The Battle Chest contains: World of Warcraft DVD, The Burning Crusade DVD, World of Warcraft Official Strategy Guide, The Burning Crusade Official Strategy Guide, and of course the Game Guides by Blizzard.

#11: My Nintendo Wii

I bought this after finally getting enough money after my birthday ( which is just 3 days before Christmas ), I went to the store with my parents ( yes, they insisted to come with me ) and I said I only wanted to buy a Wii and Wii Play + Extra Wiimote that day. And all of a sudden my mom says: 'Take Guitar Hero World Tour to, I know you want that game.' My idea was to buy that game a couple of days later, when I had completed all of my other games. And my mom just insisted that I bought it. So we were going to the check out and they type in everything and result: 420 euro's. Luckily my brother was paying to or I would have to get a job or wait forever for my Wii. And I was so happy that I got it in the Christmas Holidays. So I bought it, and I could play on it all day long without homework or anything else suffering from it.

#12: My Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Poster

This poster was inside the Grand Theft Auto Vice City box. I got this game in a double box, along with Grand Theft Auto 3. This poster is there on my wall since I got the game, and that was a long time ago. I like this poster :) .

#13: My World of Warcraft Prepaid 60 Day Game Card

This was my first World of Warcraft Game Card I got and probably my last. I regret buying this Game Card which was 27 bucks because I stopped playing World of Warcraft 4 days after buying this card. That seriously was a waste of my 27 bucks. I did like the game very much though. When I started playing it, I was just exploring for a couple of hours, it had so many of beautiful landscapes! My best character on the Europe Retail Servers was a Lvl 46 Human Rogue. I also had a lvl 61 Human Warrior on a Private Server. We could also play World of Warcraft on my school a couple of hours on the culture days. That was funny. Good times, yeah, good times.

#14: My Wii Balance Board for Wii Fit

I used to love Wii Fit when I got it. It was a Christmas present from my parents, but I didn't get it on Christmas. It was sold out in every store around here so we had to wait like 2 months in order to get it... Well, it was worth it. I loved all those little minigames, especially the Zen minigame, lol. It was always cool to play Wii Fit with a couple of friends. I haven't played it in a while now though.

#15: My Playstation 2!

I got this one like 2 years ago, it my second playstation II. My first one was broken due to overheating, lol. I still play on it sometimes because it is a modded version and so I can get all games for free, but I'm moving to an xbox 360 now.

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  1. WoW player huh. I play FFXI, but it's down right now due to them damn earth shakes in Japan... ha


  2. damn i need a PSP, reminds me of FFT. good times following!

  3. Using my PSP sometimes when Im taking the train, always useful to have one :) followd

  4. Nintendo Wii and PS2...Greatest consoles ever! :D

  5. Buy PS3 and X0 :P I also want to buy Nintendo Wii.